Leiden Shiʿi Hadith Conference, 2022

Historicizing the Shiʿi Hadith Corpus, Leiden University Centre for Islam and Society (LUCIS)


Convenors: Edmund Hayes, Gabrielle van den Berg, Leiden Centre for Islam and Society (LUCIS).

Funded also by the Juynboll Stichting.

Location: Vossius room, Leiden University Library, Witte Singel 27

(For inquiries contact edmund.hayes@ru.nl)

Presentation Format:

Each session = 50 mins.

For pre-circulated papers: 10 mins presentation, 10 mins discussant response, 30 minutes general discussion. (Pre-circulated papers available to speakers and to other conference participants upon request) Participants will read the pre-circulated papers for the sessions marked with a star, and discussion will be structured based on that assumption.

For non-pre-circulated papers: 30 mins presentation, 5 mins discussant response, 15 general Q&A.

Each presenter will also act as a discussant:

Stewart discusses Lucas*

Warner discusses Stewart*

Hayes discusses Kara*

Rajani discusses Ansari*

Rajani discusses Vilozny

Hayes discusses Rajani

Gleave discusses Warner       

Ansari discusses Gleave

Vilozny discusses Hayes*

Rezakhani discusses Webb

Kara discusses Alabbas

* Pre-circulated paper

Monday 12th September

9.45-10.00: Opening remarks

*10.00-10.50: Seyfeddin Kara, University of Toronto, “An Overlooked Account of the Abbasid Inquisition (Miḥna): (Mis)understanding the Twelver Shiʿi Position on the Nature of the Qurʾan”

*10.50-11.40: Devin Stewart, Emory University, “Zayn al-Dīn al-ʿĀmilī’s Ḥadīth Criticism, Sunni Scholarship in the Islamic Religious Sciences, and the Rise of the Akhbārī Movement”

11.40-12.10: Coffee

12.10-13.00: Belal Abu-Alabbas, University of Exeter, “Rationalising the Akhbār? Shaykh al-Ṭāʾifa al-Ṭūsī (d. 460/1067) and Early Theories of Imāmī Hadith Criticism”

13.00-2.30: Lunch

2.30-3.20: Kumail Rajani, University of Exeter, “Even if the Prophet did not Say it”

3.20-3.50: Coffee

*3.50-4.40: Scott Lucas, University of Arizona, “Two Core Zaydī Compilations of Legal Hadith: An Introduction to Uṣūl al-aḥkām and Shifāʾ al-uwām” (online presentation)

4.40-5.30 – General discussion

Tuesday 13th September

10.00-10.50: Roy Vilozny, University of Haifa, “Ḥadīth after al-Ṣādiq: Preliminary Observations on the Sayings Attributed to Imams 7-11”

10.50-11.40: Peter Webb, Leiden University, “Polemic and Eschatology: al-Jahiliyya in Shia Hadith and Beyond”

11.40-12.10: Coffee

*12.10-13.00: Edmund Hayes, Radboud University, “Oral and Written Petitions to the Imams: a Window onto the Social History of the Imamate”

13.00-2.30: Lunch

2.30-3.20: George Warner, Bochum University, “Between Ḥadīth and Devotion: Miṣbāḥ al-mutahajjid and the Textual Character of Twelver liturgy”

3.20-3.50: Coffee

3.50-5.00: Discussion and plans for publication

Wednesday 14th September

10.00-11.00: Presentation of manuscripts in the special collections of the University Library, by curator Arnoud Vrolijk

*11.10-12.00: Hassan Ansari, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, “Kitāb Baṣāʾir al-darajāt and the Identity of Its Author”

12.00-12.30: Coffee

12.30-13.20: Robert Gleave, University of Exeter, “The Dicta of the Imams: Early Shiʿi Law in Wider Juristic Context”

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